Monday, June 22, 2009

behind the lens.

love the beach

love the dress

let the waves roll...
velvet magazine
While gazing through L'Officiel magazine, I came across a jaw-dropping photoshoot, I followed up the photographer and here I have it, utter amazingfulness (if thats even a word.) I love the shots on the beach and in the sun plus the clothing. I could look at these shots hours on end. Enrique Badulescu (mouthful i know) is a new discovery and a good one..He has shot some wonderful magazines and has creative and innovative photography. Not to say the model, Tiiu Kuik a 22yr old Estonian beauty is certainly one to watch! I also added in 2 of his shots from Velvet Magazine.


  1. ''''''''jaw-dropper'''''''''' definitely! I absoloutely love these shots and the clothes are just adorable! your blog has come on so much since the beginning! love it, one of my most used bookmarks
    xx keep the good posts coming

  2. I haven't heard of him before but I love these pictures. I really wish I was at the beach today.

  3. Ehi!
    Thanks for commenting me!
    Your blog is cool too,you have a great passion for fashion(:D)!
    This shot are from velvet,do you mean the italian magazine?

  4. thankyou! yes they are from the italian magazine :)

  5. What a beautiful blog! I am officially following. I'm into food and fashion but only blog about food, except when my friend La Dauphine needs a guest blogger!

  6. Hey, we really liked your blog, we r followers now.
    Take a look of ours whenever u want.

  7. thanks for your comments :) love the blog!

  8. You know, I love L'Officiel when I was in France and had no idea how damned expensive it was in the US. I miss it so! It's so much better than Vogue or anything - this editorial is the perfect example!

  9. Wow beautiful editorial!!
    love the clothes too.. :)

  10. Gorgeous pics! Love your blog header :)

  11. this is such an amazing blog and these pics just scream summer :)