Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alexander Wang Fall O9 Shoes!

serious biker chic
now that is elegant! love
these, are the shoes of the season!
now that is different
Wow, these shoes are something I can't quite capture with words. When I first saw them I didn't really know what to think but I think that these shoes are quite fantastic and are something different to every other shoe we see out there. I am loving the geometrical clear heel! The last day till the holidays and I am seeing some snow! My internet at home is very sloooww at the moment so my posts may not be too consistent but will try as much as possible to keep you all updated. :)


  1. I think the only thing throwing me off about these designs is the pointy toes. I would love them all if it weren't for the toe.

  2. Pretty darn snazzy!

    Love Grace.

  3. i love all your fashion picks! you've got good taste :)

  4. Alexander Wang can do no wrong in my eyes. The shoes in the second pic are amazing!

  5. Oh I love the last pair! The heel is brilliant. First time I have really checked out the shoes of this collection, so thats awesome, cheers.
    Yeh man I can imagine that snow you must be getting...Melbourne is cold but nothing on the South of the South ay! Keep warm!
    All your pics are great x