Saturday, February 6, 2010

well well well. today i had a very eventful day, completely obliterated by the camera flash, headed to the beach where we took tonnes of awesome pictures plus some night time shots with the graffiti! i will be soon to post some of these shots for you all to take a look at. here are some pictures which are pretty random but some hard stuff! love it!


  1. wow these pics are prurrrrtty coool, i love love love love lvoe your blog and will def come back.especially adoring that second pic, something aabout it yells out fashion to me

  2. tres magnifique! adoring your blog love, you have so many beautiful picture I haven't seen before! New follower :)

    come back and visit soon!


  3. i love your blog :p you have the best photo's on here :)

    xx. A

  4. oooh what cool images my dear! love them!!!!
    Yah glad to find another talented kiwi on here!
    x0 polli

  5. is that you on the picture on top?
    i love the light and your hair !