Monday, May 3, 2010

her face tells a million more stories.

Beauty is a killer.
Sorry about my lack of not blogging, once i stop i find it very hard to start again! But I will no doubt be trying to get it back on track! Have been having a very busy last week, organizing the formal coming up and schoolwork seems to be piling up also!


  1. Beautiful pics :) Get back to blogging when you can!

  2. welcome back! great post. want the last girls hair!


  3. Wow! Love the photos. I can make-up a great story behind the expressions on these faces. I know what you mean about school work. I am going through the same thing, but the semester is almost over!

    Please look at my post called "In Memory of..." It is for an Important cause. Tell other people to sign the petition and spread teh word:)

    Tc, Nia B
    Dubai's It Girl

  4. Love her hair in the first photo...

  5. lovely pictures!

  6. I still haven't gotten over the sparkle from the last post. Gorgeous pics.