Tuesday, August 4, 2009

girl next door.

those are cute!

At the moment, I have been really liking these glasses! They look goofy, quirky, yet pull off a great look, reminds me of 'girl next door'. I have recently ordered a pair similar to the black ones in the picture above and am excited for their arrival. It is funny how something so simple can make you look so great!


  1. Those glasses ARE adorable but I have a feeling I wouldn't look nearly as chic and pretty in them!! Eh. I love them anyways :-)

  2. I had to get new glasses this week. I tried similar ones on and they were so darn cute! Only problem is they rub on the top of your cheeks and leave marks. I settled for turning some wayfarer frames into glasses.

    Love Grace.

  3. I really love theseee
    Couldnt pull them off to save my lifee but still think they're great