Thursday, August 20, 2009

jeffrey campbell 'potion'.

Now these shoes! I have been in love with for weeks! Although they don't look as good off they certainly look amazing on... as you can probably tell. Today was going well with my Tae Bo fitness freaking session (another form of  what you could call 'boxing' and sprinting frantically all hands flying...or boxing gloves, you could say.) meaning i can feel good about all the junk food i will most likely be eating this weekend. It being Friday and all, then to my horror...I get back to the hostel...try to get on facebook and see that my secret way of getting past the blocks and the proxy's. The teachers stupid password got changed! And now I am left stranded with no means of fast communication! 
It makes me slightly happier that I have  planned a stress free evening with a friend involving: going to the shop to buy some iced coffee, watching a somewhat sloppy romantic chick flick while pigging my face out! I'm excited.


  1. Love these shoes! Could they be more gorgeous!?


  2. Those shoes rock! Have fun pigging out. I'm going to have some nice, cheesy, fried mexican food for supper. Yummmm.

  3. oooh shoe love! do you own them? i would die of jealousy!

    ps. thanks for your comment!


  4. your blog is just perfect!
    we follow u!!
    valentina and paula

  5. Those shoes look gorgeous! Haha I love pigging out with my friends while watching some chick flick :)

  6. I bought those JC Potion Ankle Boots too (cuz I cannot afford the real version by Opening Ceremony). They are absolutely fantastic in real life and so so so comfortable to walk in! Amazing!

  7. These are going on my B-day wish list ASAP!