Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here I am!!!! Finally back after a great week of sandy beaches, and camping in the wild! The scenery at Abel Tasman is absolutely amazing, it seems so serene and tropical, hard to actually beleive it's a part of New Zealand! Tonight I am thinking about an early night after my 12 hour bus trip! Overall watched 10 movies while travelling.. but learnt that it is a great way to pass time!


  1. yay fellow NZ blogger! stumbled acrossed your blog this morning, very nice!

    looks like the weather at Abel Tasman was better than the weather in Wellington!

    great to see nz bloggers on the blogging scene!

  2. That last one... exposed shoulder, body con dress, doc martens... Can we say my dream style!?

  3. Omg thnx so much for the sweet comments, i flipped thru a couple of your post and i really like them so im gunna add ur blogg to my "Daily reads" section on my blog


  4. Love your blog, darling! Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous :)
    What movies did you end up watching? That sounds like a lovely way to pass the time!
    So glad you found my blog, dear! xox

  5. i just got a shirt like that black dress in your last picture! it's from charlotte ronsons line for jcpenneys! but omg your comment just made my day! i adore your blog and your header picture of abbey lee! keep up the wonderful blog! and am def following you :) !!!