Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a really random mix of photos there.
Going to Vietnam in about 2 weeks now and will be getting a dress made for the school "formal". Have been busy searching for one but can't seem to hit the jackpot! If anyone has any ideas/pictures let me know!


  1. hey thanks for commenting on my blog, sasha looks so pretty in the first photo, hope your formal will be great :)

    x Courtney

  2. Stunning pictures!! Ooo Vietnam how exciting, have fun and take care. x

  3. hey zara, thanks for the lovely comment :)
    i love your blog, it's perfect for pretty pictures and inspiration!
    following you and added you to my link list.
    have a killer time in Vietnam, and good luck finding a gorgeous dress!
    lucy x
    oh and that second photo on the bikes is wicked, those girls all look so damn cool!

  4. i love these photos!!


  5. Love all of the photos you source , you are stunning also. I am from New Zealand too. Please stop by at my blog sometime. Have a great time on your Vietnam trip and hope you find an amazing dress, which I'm sure you will. xo

  6. Just found your blog, its so great! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the formal!

  7. love these photos, so inspiring :)

  8. Love the photos!
    Have fun in vietnam :)

  9. ha my formal is this weekend coming! ohh lucky veitnam will be soo goodd, hope you find a dresss

  10. ahh that pic of the bike crew is amazing. it has to be paris, right?

    love your blog!