Monday, March 15, 2010

Sorry about not having posted in awhile! I have been pretty busy these past few days, plus I am getting a cold, andddd it is so cold here! I am curled up in bed at the moment and am about to get back to my book by 'Jodi Picoult' which I can't put down right now! I will post some images from the fashion show I did in the weekend soon! But at the moment this is the only one (happens to be of my shoes!) I can manage for you!

clemence poesy.
beautiful girl.


  1. thank you for visiting my blog ;) you have a lovely blog great images!!! xoxo

  2. Love the poses!!! <3
    thanks for visiting my blog btw :DD

  3. love this post :D
    thanks for the sweet comment!
    Following you too, miss :D
    keep up the great posts!